Main Auditorium: Business Innovation

08:30 - Welcome Coffee & Check-in

Good morning with Open Source Lisbon 2019!

09:15 - Opening (Eduardo Taborda, CEO @ Syone)

Welcome and what to expect during the day!

09:35 - Public Money? Public Code! (Alexander Sander, EU Policy Manager @ FSFE)

Why does programmed software with taxpayers’ money is not released as a Free Software? We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public code as well. Code paid by all people should be available to all people! This talk will provide a brief overview of the Free Software Foundation Europe’s (FSFE) previous and ongoing activities to foster software freedom in Europe, on the levels of politics, legal work with enterprises, and general public awareness. Check the presentation here.

10:00 - Your organization needs an OSPO, or be ready to fail! (Jose Manrique, OSPO evangelist, CHAOSS contributor and CEO @ Bitergia)

Open source is becoming the main ingredient for companies to success. To achieve it, companies need to manage efficiently their relationship with open source projects. And that’s the main goal for companies’ Open Source Program Office (OSPO). During this talk, you will learn about the benefits of having an OSPO in your organization, why should companies adapt to open source and adopt an OSPO, how it makes a difference to have a team responsible for viewing, managing, making critical decisions, contributions back to open source projects, and providing oversight for open source initiatives on their company and where they should start. Also, we will give real examples of how companies are doing this today and their impact for the community, like Samsung Open Source Group, Uber, and others. Additionally, you will learn about communities and initiatives to help you having a successful OSPO, like TODO Group and CHAOSS, the importance of CHAOSS to give actual data and insights about open source projects and a bigger perspective with analytics dashboards, and how data and metrics from the OSPO can help companies tackle their corporate strategy. Check the presentation here.

10:25 - How Leroy Merlin Uses Elasticsearch to Drive Sales and Increase Revenue on their E-commerce (Tiago Fonseca, CCO @ Syone & Rui Velho, Digital Project Manager @ Leroy Merlin)

Nowadays the success of any e-commerce business depends on many moving parts. Understand how Leroy Merlin improved their product promotion on its e-commerce website using Elasticsearch, and implemented a content search approach to increase annual sales turnover. Check the presentation here.


Time to relax and get a nice cup of coffee! Duration: 30 Minutes.

11:30 - The Trinity in Exponential Technologies: Open Source, Blockchain and Microsoft Azure (Juarez Barbosa Junior, Azure Developer Advocacy Lead @ Microsoft)

This talk will explore how Open Source, Blockchain and the Microsoft Cloud provide the best combination of emerging technologies by means of a perfect synergy in terms of technological shift as well as ecosystem collaboration, with a special focus on Blockchain enterprise solutions and use cases. It will also provide insightful information about best practices, common mistakes and the use of Azure as a managed Blockchain platform (BaaS – Blockchain as a Service). Check the presentation here.

12:00 - Portima Use Case: Reduce costs and increase efficiency with ECM Private Cloud and Red Hat Ceph Storage (João Faria - Solutions Manager @ Syone)

In a world of constant change where day by day, critical documents, emails, records and online discussions must be available for many years, privacy is a concern for many companies, due to strong regulatory requirements and compliance rules like MoReq2 and GDPR. Information needs to be maintained, accessed, searched, identified and filtered in order to minimize operational costs and increase efficiency.
In order to keep up with these regulations, Portima, a Belgium software solution specialist thatenables paperless exchange of information between brokers and insurers, needed a solution to manage their electronic content in a full life cycle manner. Syone embraced the challenge and designed and implemented, a Private Cloud for Enterprise Content Management using Red HatCeph and Couchbase, highly scalable (to the Peta-byte level) in terms of users and content. Check the presentation here.

12:30 - Bring Red Hat & Open Source to the entire universe (Miguel Ángel Díaz, Business Development Manager, AppDev & Middleware @ Red Hat Spain & Portugal)

We live in extraordinary times. The expansion of possibilities offers us so much opportunity.
But all these possibilities also drive to an increased amount of risk and means that we have to understand how we got HERE.
This requires enhancing your capabilities, efficiency and creativity.
At Red Hat, we set bold goals, help foster technological innovation, and collaborate with passionate people to make things happen.
Linux, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Edge, OpenSource... pillars for this mankind innovation.
Check the presentation here.

12:55 - Lunch Break

Please enjoy your Lunch Break, just follow the arrows! (Lunch until 14:00).

Tech Sessions

11:30 - What the Flutter? (Filipe Barroso, Senior Software Developer @ Google Developers Group)

The Flutter SDK by Google, is the new Open Source UI SDK to create native applications in one codebase.
But, what is Flutter and why should you care about it? What are the implications and key differences from all other mobile development SDKs? How is the community reacting to it? At the end of the talk, you’ll understand the decisions behind Flutter, why is it so different from others mobile development tools and platforms and why so many developers are already addicted to it. Let’s understand together the power of a community that grabbed a new open-source project to help others. Check the presentation here.

12:00 - How to analyze your security data with Elastic SIEM (Oscar Cabanillas, Solution Architect @ Elastic)

We define Security Analytics as the highly scalable collection, indexing, and real-time advanced analysis of all kinds of security-related data.

We have introduced Elastic SIEM to provide a curated experience for security analysts and investigators to perform Security Information and Event Management, Thread Detection and Threat Hunting.

In this presentation, we'll show the main technical features of the new solution and we'll make a demo to show how to start with the analysis process.

Check the presentation here.

12:30 - Open Source Databases at Scale under 30 minutes - Hands-on Lab (Francisco Teixeira, Sr Cloud Solutions Architect @ Microsoft)

Azure SQL comprises several well-known Open Source database technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. During this session you will have the opportunity to run high-scale PostgreSQL databases while meeting multi-tenancy and scale-out requirements.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a fully managed service built on the open source PostgreSQL database engine. It provides high availability and performance with monitoring and alerting, enterprise-grade security and compliance, automatic backups, data secured at-rest and in-motion, and full compatibility with PostgreSQL extensions with little to no administration required.

So bring your laptop and join this Lab session to experience effortless Open Source database administration.
Check the presentation here.

13:00 - Lunch Break

Please enjoy your Lunch Break, simply follow the arrows! (Lunch until 14:00).


Main Auditorium: Technical & Functional Innovation

14:00 - Open Source in Enterprise: The New Normal (Hong Phuc Dang, Founder of FOSSASIA, Board Director @OSI and Inner Source Manager @Zalando)

Corporations around the world are adopting open source code as well as the open source way of working. What are the business values of Open Source? During this session, Hong Phuc Dang will speak about the importance of Open Source, how companies like Zalando applied open source principles internally to foster code sharing and collaboration. She will also share some examples and lessons of how companies can improve their interaction with the open source community based on her many years of experience managing FOSSASIA and various open source projects. Check the presentation here.

15:40 - The Elephant in the Room (Gustavo Homem, Founder and CTO @Solid Angle)

Let's openly discuss "The Elephant in the Room" in open source technology migrations. Hint: it's rarely about technology. Check the presentation here.

14:50 - Overcoming today’s business challenges with a multi-product, open source approach (Rafael Lluis, Presales Lead @ Liferay)

Liferay is a leading open source software company that helps companies create digital experiences on the web, mobile and connected devices.
During this presentation, discover how Liferay ́s unified platform can help companies address today's key digital challenges. See how our open source approach empowers customers to create stunning websites, gather in-depth user analytics and to seamlessly sell online with a cloud-ready, integrated ecosystem. Check the presentation here.

15:15 - What is Elastic? (Regina Sáenz de Pisón, Territory Manager @ Elastic)

Elastic is a search company. If you have used Uber, Tinder, Yelp... You have used Elastic! We have a wide range of use cases: from logging to security, all with the same stack. Check the presentation here.

17:25 - CyberSecurity with OpenSource (Sérgio Silva, Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Specialist and CEO @ CyberS3c)

In the talk Sergio will demonstrate that you do not need a big budget to protect you organization.
OpenSource can be the ansawer to reduce the risk of a cyberattack. Firewalls, IDS, Network Monitoring, traing a testing resources are some of the topics on this talk. This time Sérgio promizes that he will not bring a cat photo! Check the presentation here.

16:35 - Discussion Panel - (Alexander Sander, Jose Manrique, Hong Phuc Dang, David Buckhurst, Gustavo Homem, Sérgio Silva)

"Is your company keeping up with the fast paced Open Source generation shift?"

Just five years ago there was a lot of skepticism about the viability of open source as a business model. Today we’ve witnessed an exponential growth in Open Source adoption across all industries, so what changed? Why should companies adopt and adapt to Open Source? What do they get from using and contributing to Open Source and the community? What are the challenges of Open Source adoption? Don't miss this Discussion Panel to find out the answers to all these questions and more!

  • Eduardo Taborda, CEO @ Syone

  • Alexander Sander, EU Policy Manager @ FSFE

  • Jose Manrique, OSPO evangelist, CHAOSS contributor and CEO @ Bitergia

  • Hong Phuc Dang, Founder of FOSSASIA, Board Director @OSI and Inner Source Manager @Zalando

  • David Buckhurst, Engineering Manager @BBC

  • Gustavo Homem, Founder and CTO @Solid Angle

  • Sérgio Silva, Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Specialist and CEO @ CyberS3c

14:25 - Open Source at the BBC (David Buckhurst, Engineering Manager @BBC)

The BBC has a long history of using and releasing open source software. But there are many departments across the BBC operating independently with different attitudes and approaches to open source. In this session I will talk about the challenges and opportunities that embracing open source development brings. We’ve learnt a lot about how to build better software, and through leveraging open source principles, improved our practices and collaboration. Check the presentation here.

17:00 - The collaborative wikification of public service procedures (Despina Mitropoulou, Director @ GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance)

The core idea is to present the ways in which openness is actively adopted with the use of open, standardized and widely available tools like MediaWiki. The overall vision is to transform government into a transparent and effective organization with institutions and services that empower its workforce, the citizens, and the private sector by responding to their needs and aspirations. In addition, to create sustainable and open infrastructures that activate the triple helix and produce value for the local community. During the talk the open source wiki ( ) which is operated by GFOSS and contains information about the public services / procedures in Greece, will be showcased. The wiki is based on the Open Source MediaWiki package and uses the european models CPSV and CPOV. Check the presentation here.

17:50 - Unbabel: Bridging the Gap in Multilingual Communication (Miguel Vera, Junior Research Scientist @ Unbabel)

Learn how Unbabel is solving translation by combining the speed and scale of machine translation with the quality and expertise unique to humans. Discover the best global Machine Translation Quality Estimation system – their secret to scaling machine translation - and see how you can experiment and iterate with OpenKiwi – their open source framework! Check the presentation here.

18:15 - ESOP’s Open Awards 2019

ESOP’s Open Awards

18:35 - Wrap-up & XBOX and Surface Winners' Announcement

Thank you for coming!


Please enjoy the Coffee Break and Networking! (duration 30 mins).

19:00 - Sunset Party!

Cheers to Open Source Lisbon!

Tech Sessions

15:30 - Decoupled & Headless CMS: The power to adapt the site user experience for SPAs and voice assistants, among others. (David Gómez, Developer Advocate @ Liferay)

The content, data and communication channels that you offer to your users through traditional web sites are continually evolving. Nowadays, you need to adapt the way you reach customers, using channels that are more convenient for them (whether this is a website, mobile app or a smart speaker) whilst building more useful and optimized user experiences. That’s where a Decoupled and Headless platform really shines. Through a great API, which allows access to all of the content and available features, the developer will be able to build these experiences and reduce the cost of integration, boost the reuse of content across channels and prepare for new channels or types of experiences to come. In this talk, we will show a specific example of how Liferay can be used to reach the user in these different ways. We will show how you can use the tools provided in Liferay 7.2 to let users consume your site’s content seamlessly through alternative channels such as a custom frontend app and a voice assistant. At the end of the talk we should have provided a good vision on how you can take advantage of the GraphQL endpoints to access your content with your favorite JS framework, or how the new Liferay Headless APIs allows a mobile application or a voice assistant to consume the information stored in your site. Check the presentation here.

14:30 - Develop a virtual application (vApp) with vf-OS framework (Miguel Tavares, Software Developer @ Caixa Mágica)

The vf-OS project aims to develop a framework to facilitate the development of virtual applications (vApps) to the manufacturing sector. The goal of this session demonstrate how to develop a simple vApp using vf-OS framework. Check the presentatuion here.

15:00 - Moving the GitOps ecosystem ever forward (Sergio Seabra - Senior Solution Architect, Cloud & Infrastructure @ Red Hat)

Check the new developments and contributions to GitOps and Agile frameworks.
Come and meet the latest tools in our push forward: Istio, Tekton, Knative and Quarkus.
Check the presentation here.

14:00 - Ansible - Save time with automation! (Rui Violante, Solutions Manager @ Syone)

All of us know how painfull can be to manage IT infrastructure! In this session wee'll see what Ansible is and how it can help to simplify day to day operations, from the simplest to the most complex one. Check the presentation here.


Please enjoy the Coffee Break and Networking! (Duration 30 mins).

16:35 - Making Kubernetes Easier (Ricardo Fiel, Senior Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft)

Kubernetes. Wonderful technology but the learning curve to production may be long. In this session we'll look at how we partnered with the community to make it easier, from setting up collaborative development environments and ensuring DevOps, to scaling production in unpredictable scenarios, while keeping it under good monitoring from the moment you spin it up. Demos and code heavy. Check the presentation here.

17:05 - Building Modern Applications with Docker 3.0 (Javier Ramírez Urea - IT Architect @ Hopla)

Docker Enterprise provides an enterprise grade solution to allow your team to modernize your applications. In this talk we will see how Docker will help us to build, ship and run applications faster. Integrating Docker Enterprise Solutions in our development pipelines. We will review all new features that came with release 3.0 to improve our application building workflow. Check the presentation here.

17:35 - VideoLAN: 15 Years of Cône-tributions to Open Source Multimedia (François Cartegnie, Main Developer @ VideoLAN)

Overview of VideoLAN organization and the genesis of the most popular
multimedia player. Current state of VLC Media Player for the next 4.0
Check the presentation here.

18:05 - Open Source in Automated Testing (Luís Correia, Team Leader - Test Automation Framework @ Instituto de Informática, I.P. )

By using Open Source Projects as the foundation of our internal Test Framework, it is possible to avoid vendor tool lock-in. Since the same language is spoken as the testing teams and by better understand their problems, as well as being closer to them, it is posisble to deliver more value. This talk is all about how to built a Framework that helps teams create whole automated test suits in a simple and easy way. Check the presentation here.

18:35 - THE END

Please join the Wrap-up & XBOX and Surface Winners' Announcement.

Open Room

14:00 - Open Source @ Portugal (Paulo Ribeiro, Vice-President @ ESOP)

Hear about the Open Source panorama in Portugal. Check the presentation here.

14:30 - The Open Source ecosystem in Greece (Despina Mitropoulou, Director @ GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance)

The talk will be about the initiatives in Greece regarding the open source ecosystem. What are the open source projects in use, how the communities are supporting them, what are the policies and strategies that exist today and how they can be improved in order to have sustainable open source projects and how we can move from a national open source ecosystem to a european one. Check the presentation here.

15:00 - Discover French open source ecosystem (Jean-Christophe ELINEAU, Director @ Aquinetic)

France has now an organized and functioning open source ecosystem. The National Council of Free Software (Conseil National du Logiciel Libre - C.N.L.L.) federates twelve clusters representing 500 companies in our country.
We invite you to discover why France has long been committed to implementing and developing policies around the creation and use of open source solutions. Check the presentation here.

15:30 - Open source & industry 4.0, an approach from Basque Country and Spain (Eneko Astigarraga, President @ ESLE)

The industry of the future, industry 4.0, will be open source. CodeSyntax and other Basque companies belonging to ESLE, the Basque Association of Open Source Companies, are working on solutions with free software for the new industry 4.0.
Some examples and good practices will be presented in the talk "Open source & industry 4.0, an approach from Basque Country and Spain". Check the presentation here.


Please enjoy the Coffee Break and Networking! (Duration 30 mins).

16:35 - Building “Trust” using Hyperledger Open Source Technologies (Catarina Reis, Professor @ Polytechnic of Leiria)

One of the key goals addressed by blockchain technology is the establishment of trust and transparency between interested parties. Open Source technologies not only provide the trust and transparency required, as they also address issues such as accountability and transparency at their core.

Hyperledger is an open source initiative hosted by The Linux Foundation that strives to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. The initiative includes leaders in the industry from distinct contexts (finance, banking, IoT, supply chains, manufacturing,...).

“A blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus, combined with a system for “smart contracts” and other assistive technologies. Together these can be used to build a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency at their core, while streamlining business processes and legal constraints.”

Through an Open Source and collaborative approach, Hyperledger aims at ensuring transparency, longevity, interoperability and support that are fundamental aspects to bring blockchain technologies to mainstream commercial adoption.

Check the presentation here.

17:05 - Do open source communities and companies live in the same world? (Tiago Carrondo, DevOps @ Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) Portugal)

It's well known that lots of open source projects have communities supporting them, but how do all these community members can contribute, co-exist or even shape the enterprise world? As an active member of the Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) Portugal, both as part of the Portuguese LoCo Council and Ubuntu Contributor, Tiago will clarify the reality of the Portuguese Community and share examples from other known LoCos. Also, relate with other open source communities where he is not so active but follow closely.
This talk will cover:
* What have the Ubuntu LoCos around the world (and PT) been doing in the past years;
* The relations between LoCo PT, companies and Universities;
* How can LoCos change the world;
* Plans for the future. Check the presentation here.

17:35 - THE END

Please join the Wrap-up & XBOX and Surface Winners' Announcement.


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