OpenShift by RedHat

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

OpenShift by RedHat it’s an easy application whose costs can be afford, because they are lower than the one’s that are in the market. It is a source which is ahead from other competitors. This kind of technology speaks all the programming languages (Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP and Phyton) and creates a secure enterprise and computerize the entire process, promoting a great environment to run apps efficiently and scalable through the tools you need to manage.

With certified components by RedHat and ISI partners, is a based on powerful Open Source technology that includes a broad equal system.

Using Atomic, Kubernetes, Docker and RedHat Enterprise Linux (seeing as Open Source innovations), OpenShift can integrate with exiting tools and infrastructure, while assures the security compliances and the rehabilitee to business command. More speed, more efficiency and more motivation are the main components from this application. This application is able to build, deploy and scale as fast as you know it.

And why choose this platform?

Openshift is a container platform that includes Kubernetes for containers. It promotes an easy deployment and scale with a PaaS and laaS flexibility for integrated solutions. OpenShift was built based in RedHat Entreprise Linux that runs in a bare-metal, virtual, containerized as in private or public clouds, all of them mixed by RedHat winning support.

It is a platform built by a cloud that will provide to developers and IT organisations to use this tool as an application platform. Customers that prefer not to manage their own OpenShift clusters can use RedHat OpenShift online.