Why choose Open Source?

Considered as an amazing software, Open Source code has many reasons to be used. You might consider them to consuming, publishing, collaborating on, or supporting open source. There are several causes to choose Open Source. Mainly if your software needs to be updated. We are going to mention some reasons why you should choose this software.

The costs: The software that we are talking about, it has a lower cost then the others in the market. This software is well documented, efficient, secure and easily extendable instead of the one’s which are closed-sourced. That means we have just found a new website project and download the software or clone the source code. The best thing? There is no contract to sign, no commitments to enter and no sales people.

The control: We can start to talk about users who aren’t programmers. This kind of users normally love this kind of software because they have the opportunity to change and use this code for any purpose they wish. They don’t have the obligation to follow and respect someone else ideas. This big community prefers this software because they have more control over the code and besides that they can examine the code to make sure it’s not doing anything they don’t want to. They can publish and change over contents that they don’t like.

Training: For students’ community, this training area is essential to refer. This technology that helps them to become better programmers. It prepares them to work with others at the same time and promotes the opportunity to share the know-how among them. They can review issues that they think that could have a better solution and discover mistakes while they are developing their skills. Open Source code is a public and accessible code that enables the community to discover mistakes and “side by side” solve them. It’s a big opportunity for them to become recognized programmers.

Security: When we discuss about security in Open Source, and even if it’s a complicated thing to talk, we can tell that when is open code it’s easier to precept much things which turns the open development. It is factory key for precondition to create secure solutions. You can directly identify if a vendor is actively pursuing security and precept how he treats this kind of issues.

Stability: There is a big difference between proprietary software and Open Source software. The stability feature is right here. Open Source code ensure the best support possible, while in a closed software the proprietary vender is the only one who can provide correct information about any problem that has been detected. This ends up the code more efficient and secure.


In order to close this article, we want to enhance the fact that with Open Source you are safe and you don’t have to worry about bugs or even edges the original application might not have been tested before. With the source code exposed, they are quickly rooted out and corrected. Do not forget that people with a great knowledge in Open Source are able to help you and share with you any issues that you can’t solve.